Why tutor corp?

Great money flexible working hours and a job youll be proud to display on your resume

Choose the days & times you want to work,we'll only give you work that fits your schedule. Make changes & modifications any time to suit you.

As a member of our team you will enjoy the benefit of streamlined administration through our online platform and 24/7 support staff.

You will have access to several extra unique project work opportunities in a constantly innovating and evolving educational company.


  • Q. Where does the tutoring take place?


    Tutoring is delivered in the home of the student or online depending on the brand that you work in.

  • Q. What is the rate of pay for tutoring?


    The average rate of pay for tutoring ranges between $25-$55 per hour depending on distance travelled, the service you're working in, and a few other preformance factors.

  • Q. Will I be a contractor or employee?


    We offer both contractor and employee positions depending on how you fit into the definitions of each. This will be discussed with you during the recruitment process.

  • Q. How do I get paid?


    You will get paid weekly by Tutor Corp. into your designated bank account.

  • Q. What is the minimum term of service that Tutor Corp expects?


    By expressing your interest in a position at Tutor Corp. you will be expected to commit to at least two terms of service (6 months).

  • Q. Does Tutor Corp. provide resources? Or am I expected to provide my own?


    While Tutor Corp. is able to provide resources on request, it is expected that tutors conduct preparation for each student on an individual basis in order to deliver a personalised experience.